Booster Precision Components was established in early 2016 as a parent company for Halder’s existing investments in CCN, Thyez/France, and PRAE-TURBO, Schwanewede/Germany. Both firms manufacture precision components for exhaust turbo chargers and address the same segment of the automotive market - tier-1-manufacturers providing turbocharging systems to car companies.

Booster has a broad range of products: its subsidiary CCN is focused on turbines used in the „hot“ part of the system transferring the energy of exhaust gases to compressor wheels – PRAE-TURBO products – in the systems’ “cold” branch which then takes in ambient air to supercharge combustion. With comparable overall performance, turbocharging can reduce fuel consumption by 15 – 30% and in addition, particle emission is lowered by the recycling of exhaust gases. To comply with more demanding emission and consumption regulation, the automotive industry has been adding turbo chargers to diesel engines for a long time and is increasingly applying them to petrol engines. As a result, double-digit growth rates are expected over the next years.

Under a new management team since the summer of 2016 and given its broader product range, Booster will take advantage of the medium-term market opportunity by leveraging its international production network and expanding manufacturing capacity.

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