Our approach to creating value

We believe there are two crucial activities for us to engage in order to support forming a market leading business. The starting point is to build a solid foundation which increases transparency in order to set the right strategy. The second activity is all about creating dynamic top-line growth to capture additional market share.

So we partner with Mittelstand businesses where we know our approach will have a positive contribution.


Secure organisational backbone

Management team and advisory board

We ensure there is strong alignment among management teams through active participation. We also provide an advisory board staffed with industry professionals who can guide management teams in strategic areas.

System and process upgrades

We help the business operate best practice across core departments. From finance and IT to HR and risk management. Our aim is to create a stable footing regardless of strategic direction and maintain high standards of corporate governance.

Operational excellence

We believe in continuous improvement as a philosophy across all of our activities. So we call on our experience and network to provide support for operational requirements like Marketing, Sales, Pricing or Lean Production.

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Generate top line growth


We provide the guidance and support to help our portfolio companies expand internationally. From setting up new production facilities abroad to building up sales teams in new territories, our network advise on measured growth.

Strategic repositioning

We clarify the key strengths within our portfolio companies and formulate a custom business strategy. This includes deciding what to do and what not to do as well as the order of priorities.

Buy and build

We aim to accelerate growth for selected portfolio companies through a dedicated buy and build program. Combining our expertise, network and financial resources, we cooperate with management teams to scale up and consolidate market share.

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