Investing in leading companies of tomorrow. Enhancing value for all.

We’ve been a trusted partner for Mittelstand companies in the DACH region since 1991. We are a responsible investor with a deep understanding of Mittelstand companies, the DACH region as well as succession situations.

How we invest

Unique Businesses deserve a unique investment partner

Our mission is to identify unique businesses and to partner up with strong management teams, providing comprehensive support, to build market leading companies.

With a pragmatic approach and savvy understanding of industries and business models we are passionate about what we do.

Responsible investing is embedded in all internal and external processes and decision making.

How we support

ESG principles

00Years active in the market

00Platform investment

00Successions completed

00Current portfolio companies

Why work with us?


We are an enthusiastic and spirited team, likeminded with a burning desire to better Mittelstand businesses for the benefit of all.


With over 30 years’ experience we are street smart with an innate sense of the right investments to select and how to take them forward and onto greater future value.


We operate as a close-knit team that is 100% focused on success for our portfolio companies in order to increase their market share and value. If we say we’ll do something we will.

See how we invest


Our goal is to be the go-to organization for solving Mittelstand successions in the DACH region and to reward our investors with above industry returns.


We are always practical and down to earth unlike many other investment teams. We are straight talking and keep it real with no hidden meanings…You can trust us to be always plain speaking.

We’re an ambitious team that’s committed to the successful succession of good Mittelstand businesses. We combine a pragmatic approach and savvy market understanding to achieve everyone’s goals. We’re passionate about what we do and have an innate desire to turn family-run businesses into market leaders for the benefit of all.

What can you expect?


We’re Genuine

We believe in the benefits our network and support offer and constantly strive to improve them.

We’re reliable

We work alongside our portfolio companies and investors as their trusted, longstanding partner.

We’re spirited

We’re dynamic and enthusiastic people with a great can-do attitude.

We're down to earth

We are humble at all times, with our feet firmly planted on the floor.

We're open

We listen before we do anything and remain agile to adapt to new ideas and opportunities.

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