Our approach to investing

Our mission is to champion Mittelstand companies by developing their full potential.

We don’t just look at financial development and profitability. We spend a lot of energy and effort to identify value chain differentiators - core competencies where we feel the companies have a different approach and a competitive edge. Next to an entrepreneurial management team and a good track-record these are the three core attributes. By focusing on these we can support to achieve the common goal of becoming market leader and increasing value in the long-term.

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Partnership approach

Close working relationships are an essential ingredient of how we work. By being transparent and open with management teams, investors and stakeholder, honouring different opinion and sharing new ideas we can be sure we are all pulling in the same direction. We want to be a pragmatic and respectful partner and are guided by our partnership principles:

Our guiding principles:

Start by listening before talking

Ensure ethics and integrity come first, finance second

Mix fresh ideas with proven concepts

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Investment Focus

Our market

Our geography

Our indUStries
Industrial, Healthcare, Food & Beverage

Our speciality


Companies with revenues up to EUR 100m


Headquarters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Businesses owned by families or founders, Management Buy-outs


Focus on actively driving the business forward through controlling rights not minority investments


Acquisition of profitable companies with a decent track-record

Value-chain Differentiators

Companies with a differentiating factor e.g. specific production expertise, engineering know-how or an innovative go-to-market proposition

Our sectors and selected market drivers
  • Energy efficiency
  • Advanced logistics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Digitization and Industry 4.0
  • Robotics and automation
  • The aging society
  • Increasing care dependency
  • Chronic diseases
  • New manufacturing methods
  • Materials and production innovation
  • Digitalization and Interconnectivity
  • Consumption values and ethics
  • Meal kits ‘Grab and go’ food
  • Consumption on demand
  • Packaging design
  • Science and nutrition

Some of our most recent investments

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