Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Schmidt + Link GmbH

Precision tools for the automotive industry
€15 million (1995)
1992, MBO

In 1973, the founders of Schmidt + Link were manufacturing small tools for local customers. One of them sold his shares in 1985 to automotive supplier Lignotock, who then became a customer. Lignotock acquired the remaining shares two years later. At this juncture, Schmidt + Link began to manufacture large high-quality tools for precision engineering of non-metallic materials, including wood fibre products used for door coverings and panels. The firm went on to become a leading provider in this niche of the tool making industry. Business volume owed less to overall demand for cars than to model changes as these trigger a reengineering of tools used for components production.

When the parent company was sold to the French Sommer-Allibert group, management of Schmidt + Link made a bid for independence through an MBO. The management team acquired a majority stake with Halder taking 48% of the shares. The main objectives were to maintain a good business relationship with the previous shareholder while exploring new sales opportunities. Management did this successfully, partly by founding a joint venture for production in Poland.

In 1996 Schmidt + Link’s management acquired the shares held by Halder.

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Halder Investment Advisors included

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  • Paul Deiters