Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Konrad Hornschuch AG

Films for surface finishing
€138 million (2005)
2001, MBO

Founded in 1898, Konrad Hornschuch AG was a traditional SME company. It had established a global name for films and coated substrates for industry including its “skai” brand, which is used for artificial leather seat covers in vehicle and furniture manufacturing. For retail users the company introduced the “d-c-fix” range of design and functional films, distributed through specialist outlets and DIY-stores. In 1997 a US foil and film manufacturer acquired the company but filed for bankruptcy in 2001, interrupting Hornschuch’s strategic development and funding process.

A spin-off from the US parent through an MBO lifted the blockade and gave Halder an 80% stake. Next, an expanded management board made plans to invest €20 million and marketing activities were increased to leverage existing brands.

Hornschuch achieved a leap in growth through acquisitions. In addition, introduction of innovative products brought in new customers from the automotive parts and building industries which enhanced revenue and profits further.

In 2006, Halder sold its stake to a financial investor, while Hornschuch’s management significantly increased its shareholding during the transaction.

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Halder Advisory Board Members or Senior Advisors

  • Dr. Wilfried Kaiser
  • Dr. Peter Wendt
  • Klaus Melzer
  • Hans Peek
  • René Smits