Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Dressel GmbH

Electrical components trading and systems engineering
€16 million (1999)
1994, MBO

Helmut Dressel set up his firm in 1954 as a wholesaling business for lamps and electrical household appliances. With increasing competition from department stores and supermarkets, he changed focus in the 1960s, concentrating on the trade in electrical components for industrial customers and starting production of electrical control systems. The firm developed outstanding expertise and a solid reputation in this field of business.

The founder made arrangements for succession with senior staff at an early stage. They were put to work in 1994 through an MBO in which Halder acquired 54% of the shares. Shareholders and management were then joined by an MBI manager. Their medium-term plan foresaw an expansion of the control systems business, then accounting for 30% of turnover.

In 1999 management bought Halder’s stake.

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Halder Investment Advisors included

Halder Advisory Board Members included

  • Paul Deiters