Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Badenia Bettcomfort GmbH & Co. KG

€30 million (2003)
1998, MBO

Badenia was founded in 1946 by three partners and originally produced down comforters. With consumers becoming more demanding and allergy problems on the increase the family-owned business focused on duvets and pillows with high-quality natural filling or fillings made of synthetic fibers. The product range was well established under brand names such as Irisette and private label brands.

After several changes in the company’s shareholder structure, one founding family owned the business in 1988. Then, Halder organized a MBO to support management succession, acquiring 74% of the capital in the process. The objective was to boost Badenia’s position in the stagnating domestic market and open new export markets in selected neighboring countries.

In the following years, the firm’s domestic distribution channels underwent profound structural change: specialist retailers, Badenia’s traditional customers, lost out heavily to discounters, where bedding was increasingly sold through high-volume seasonal promotions and aggressive pricing. The firm reacted with restructuring measures and by moving production to Eastern Europe.

A Scandinavian group already active in the bedding market acquired the shares held by Halder and the management team in 2004 to take advantage of the opportunities for consolidation.

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Halder Investment Advisors included

Halder Advisory Board Members or Senior Advisors

  • Hans Peek
  • René Smits