Sonja Nedelcu Office Manager

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Sonja Nedelcu (1969) efficiently supports executives in maximizing their productivity and time management. She has been with Halder since 2023 and serves as an office manager.

She began her career in advertising and marketing communication and became a reliable team assistant and customer service representative. After that, she transitioned into the financial services industry and worked for Lazard Asset Management.

Her next step took her to the Middle East, where she worked in retail consulting before moving to Asia and Australia to work for the global design and innovation consulting firm, frog. Later, she successfully served as an operations manager for a consulting healthcare company.

Sonja Nedelcu is a certified desktop publisher and bilingual secretary.

Sonja Nedelcu

My passions outside of work are art, design, music, and sports, as well as traveling and cooking. I love impressionism, modern, functional design, hip-hop and house music, swimming, and Pilates Reformer amongst others, and used to give cooking classes, not just cooking for family and friends. And when it comes to traveling, I will be rather in the water than in the sun.