Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Suvema AG

Customization of CNC machine tools
CHF 42 million (2018)
2019, MBO

The strength of Suvema AG is the technical consulting and implementation of customized solutions for applications with highest quality and precision requirements. The company offers its customers a comprehensive product and service portfolio, from technical advice and customization of CNC machine tools to installation and maintenance services. Customers come from the luxury watch industry and medical technology industry, which require highly precise and individualized CNC machine tools.

Suvema has over 45 years of experience in technical consulting and customization of leading international brands for CNC machine tools, such as CITIZEN and OKUMA, which Suvema represents exclusively in Switzerland.

Future growth potential is expected from the continuing demand for CNC machine tools, especially in the field of high-precision application. In this context, Suvema will benefit from increasing automation and efficiency requirements of its customers. In addition, it is planned to win customers in other end industries with similarly high requirements in terms of quality, reliability and precision.

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