Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps

Halder | Ownership Succession and Growth for MidCaps


2018-07-23 Halder exits Aqua Vital, Germany’s market-leading provider of water dispensers

Halder has sold its investment in water dispenser specialist Aqua Vital, a portfolio company since 2013, to Culligan International. more

2018-05-30 Halder exits Klingel medical metal

Halder has signed an agreement to sell its investment in Klingel medical metal, Pforzheim/Germany, to IK Investment Partners. Klingel medical metal was established in 1986 and acquired by Halder in 2012. more

2018-02-19 Aqua Vital acquires water dispenser business and patents from Oxymount Technology in Germany

Aqua Vital Group (Neuss), Germany’s leading provider of water dispensers, has acquired the point of use-dispenser (POU) business of Qxymount Technology (Coburg). more

Justus Leyde

Going international is a growth factor

„You need to offer products where customers want them – it's a competitive advantage. When GEKA was establishing production capabilities in Chicago, the objective was to have a U.S. company for the U.S. market, managed by Americans for American customers. And that's what it is today.“
Justus LeydeMember Advisory Board, GEKA